Luca Zanetti E-Bike Diaries

  • Volume Nr. 2 from the Series Photobooks of the World Created by Dino Simonett
  • Distributed by Simonett & Baer
  • Photography by Luca Zanetti
  • Hardcover | 64 pages | 80 photographs | 16.8 × 24.5 cm | English | © 2018

Swiss photographer Luca Zanetti (b. 1971 in Mendrisio) is a dedicated observer of Latin America, which he has been documenting and traversing for almost two decades. In 2016 together with a group of friends he undertook a seven-month 11 150 km journey on an Electric Bicycle through Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. Conceived as a contribution to a future Cycling Utopia, where we all live in a happier and healthier world, free of cars, air pollution and global warming. The book is filled with an enchanting world made of quiet road encounters that confirm that in each encounter when the rhythm is more human the distances between the people that are always there and the ones arriving become shorter. To arrive from afar remains the same but to arrive from afar on a bicycle covered in the same dust means to arrive closer.

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