Santa Cruz del Islote (Continued)


Santa Cruz del Islote is part of the San Bernardo Archipelago the biggest continuous coral reef area of Colombia, declared a natural park in 1977. Despite this form of protection the bad news has been piling up. The corals seem to die slovenly, when the fishermen go out it takes them two or more hours to find a single snail, the rich fishing grounds of the past are largely empty. Fishermen that want to catch something have to leave the water of the archipelago and sail into far away waters. In and around Santa Cruz del Islote the human waste assembles in heaps, when the wind stops for two hours a day the island stinks. The population density is taking its toll on the environment and natural resources. The rising of the sea has eaten away the nearby island of Maravilla, where fishermen had a small house use to rest what is left today is a lone tree. On Santa Cruz del Islote talk about having to move somewhere else is no longer taboo.

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