The Heart of the Jungle (Continued)

The main tool of preservation at Dzanga-Shanga are the Eco guards about forty armed men that are deployed for week long patrols in search of poachers and their traps. Eco guard patrolling that is financed by the WWF and an array of Governments and NGO’s would be impossible without the help of the BaAka pygmies that work as trackers. Native of the region the BaAkas have an understanding of the forest like no other peoples, as it has been their home both physically and spiritually for millennia. The BaAkas also have a champion, Louis Sarno a 57-year-old man from New Jersey NY that helps them whenever he can with medicine and food. Louis came to the Central African forest 30 ago because he fell in love with the Pygmies’ sophisticated polyphone music and stayed.

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