The E-Bike Diaries

Pia Zanetti

/ Chile

A brief introduction to the first of six travel companions, my mother Pia Zanetti. A 72 years old professional photographer to whom I owe both, my love for photography and my interest in Latin America. The story began in 1985, when she decided to take me age 14 to the Nicaragua of the Sandinista revolution. Apart from working on her photo stories her role was that of a photography teacher at the news agency ANN Agencia Nueva Nicaragua. I was given a Leica and a 35mm lens and roamed freely the streets of the capital Managua, where I started taking pictures. With the eBike diaries I thought it was now my turn to take my mother on a trip. Pia will be riding along on the second FLYER eBike, from Chile’s capital Santiago to the city of Mendoza in Argentina via San Carlos de Bariloche and will be posting on this blog.