In 80 days around the world


1872 In Jules Vernes famous novel Around the world in 80 days Phileas Fogg an honored member of the London Reform Club makes a bet against his fortune that he can go around the world in 80 days.

His travels through the colonial world with his manservant Passpartout leads them through dangerous and awe inspiring adventures; including fighting with the Sioux Indians in the New World, riding on elephants in Asia, smoking opium and traveling with the beautiful girl Aouda to Omaha. Getting in and out of countries was comparatively easy during the colonial years. The numerous depictions of Phileas Foggs worldwide journey are enhanced by elaborate illustrations of places, people and disasters encountered. These illustrations provide the reader with a window to enjoy the mouth watering adventures of a journey across the colonial world.

1998 – 126 years later Phileas Foggs race against the clock has been retraced, this time by cargo ship, train and car. Luca Zanettis travels took him far and wide across continents and oceans in a postcolonial world where dangers lure at every corner and bureaucracies threatens to disrupt progress at every border. Zanettis 77 day photo story captures the essence of todays frantic world drawing similarities and pinpointing to differences between cultures. True to Jules Vernes inspiration, the collection captures the speed and the frantic revolutions of technology, leaving the viewer exhausted, yet exhilarated from his own visual journey.

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