Narco Sub Culture


Cocaine shipments from Colombia to the USA started in the 1980ties with what in the Narco Lingo became know as aerial bombardment. Pablo Escobar and his associates would fill small passenger planes with Cocaine and drop the cargo at a specific location inside the US. Although still in use with time authorities became better at detecting these illegal aircrafts and Narco-runners began looking into new ways to Coronar (Crown) their loads.

Besides the use of fishing vessels, boats known as “Go fast” were deployed first from the Caribbean and later the pacific coast. The “Go fast” propelled by four or five 250 CC prepared engines where very fast but relied heavily on good logistics for refuelling. With time in the ever-escalating cat and mouse game of drug interdiction the use of the “Go Fast” along with the fishing vessel diminished giving way to a new invention the semisubmersibles.

Semisubmersibles have been in use since 1998 according to a mafia captain and are essentially a boat with an all-enclosing cap on the top. Equipped with a 350cc diesel engine hand made out of fibreglass in the mangrove swamp of southern Colombia’s pacific coast they look like a creation more fitting into a cartoon strip then the high seas. So far it has been a very successful way of smuggling cocaine. The trick of the semi submersibles consists in “flying below the radar”. The difficulty for the surface scanning radar is that the only part of the semisubmersibles structure above the sea surface (but not above the wave height) is the small window used by the pilot to look out making the tuning of the radar almost impossible.

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