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A social housing project in the town of Humahuaca in the region of Jujuy. On the water tanks the portrait of Che Guevara alternates with that of the indigenous fighter Tupac Amaru. The houses where build by the neighbourhood association Tupac Amaru headed by the social leader Milagros Salas. Salas is a leading figure in the movimineto piquetero of Argentina. She has recently been jailed accused of misappropriation of state funds. Her arrest has caused massive street protests in the regional capital of San Salvador de Jujuy, demanding her immediate release.
The Argentine railway network consisted of a 47,000 km, at the end of the Second World War and was, in its time, one of the most extensive and prosperous in the world. Today in the north of the country apart for the tren a las nubes, leaving Salta with tourist to the Polvorilla viaduct. It is largely abandoned.
In the small town of Huacalera, a big monolith marks the line of the tropic of Capricorn. The Tropic of Capricorn is one of the five major circles of latitude that mark maps of the Earth. As of 27 February 2016, its latitude is 23°26′13.9″ (or 23.43719°) [1] south of the equator, but it is very gradually moving northward, currently at the rate of 0.47 arcseconds, or 15 metres, per year.[2]
Agriculture at 3600 meters. In the Quebrada de Humahuaca the rocky riverbed uses up most of the flat land. Some agriculture takes place where the river forms beaches with nutrient rich deposits. Here with the help of a horse, the soil is turned to allow the little water that is currently falling to penetrate for a parsley cultivation.
Ruedi Bösiger on the FLYER by the world famous Espinazo del Diablo in the Quebrada de Humahuaca northwestern Argentina province of Jujuy.
A welcome arch on the outskirts of Villazon Bolivia.